What makes nitron special.

Custom utility-first CSS framework

The proprietary CSS framework makes it possible to create ready-made responsive websites within a very short time. You can write the code directly in the HTML without having to write your own CSS code beforehand. The syntax of the code itself is intuitive and straightforward.


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The fact that websites created with nitron are high performant is due to two reasons. The CSS class names are rather short, which ensures that basically less code is generated. In addition, Webpack guarantees that all files are reduced in size during code generation. An optional purge feature can reduce the overall size even further.


Mobile First

nitron follows the mobile-first approach that is completely responsive. By specifying different breakpoints, the CSS classes can be changed very quickly.

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During the development of nitron, a very important point was taken into account: accessibility. For example, the main navigation is completely controllable via keyboard. Voice feedback was also taken into account. If you ever want to create a component that uses ARIA states, there are several options for that as well.



nitron was designed from the ground up to be as flexible as possible. If you want to add your own JS components, you can do that easily. Creating your own utility variants and states, no problem.